New Construction

Considering New Home Construction?

If you are interested in new construction, The Cecil Hill, Jr. team can help.  Working with ALL AREA HOME BUILDERS and their available communities, we have been through the process and can help you every step of the way.

Advantages to Buying new construction:

  • Energy Efficiency: with “Energy Star” or equivalent energy program
  • Customization: Ability to customize interior and exterior features
  • Maintenance: Everything is new so no hidden maintenance expenses
  • Warranty: Peace of Mind with everything under warranty
  • Financing: New home buyers may be able to take advantage of mortgage financing perks made available through their builder.
  • Modern: New homes offer the Latest designs and trends

Commonly asked Questions: 

How much more does it cost to purchase a new construction home when the Buyer is working with a Realtor? 

There is no additional cost in the price of the home when working with a Realtor.  Builders depend on the many sales they get in every community from Realtors, so for the most part, Builders pay particular attention that Realtor sales go well so that the Realtor continues to bring them buyers.

It is in the Buyer’s best interest to be represented by a REALTOR®?

The builder’s sales rep is very knowledgeable and helpful to the buyer in the purchase of a new home. However, If you examine the new home purchase agreement closely, it states: the builder’s Sales Representative only represents the builder in your purchase transaction; the buyer has the right to be represented by their own agent.

What is the process to work with a Realtor when purchasing a New Construction Home?

 Buyers can have the REALTOR® involved in as much of the process as they would like. Many Buyers use the REALTOR® as a first resource to learn about available new home communities.  When they decide to visit new home communities, they can visit with the REALTOR® or on their own.  If Buyer’s visit a new home sales center on their own, they should ask their REALTOR® to first register them with the Builder by phone Or the Buyer should advise the New Home Community Sales Rep that they are working with a Realtor and include the Realtor’s name when they complete the registration form. The REALTOR® will be present when the contract is written, builder meetings, Walk Thru’s and at the Settlement.  Most importantly, the REALTOR® is there for the Buyer if problems arise. The Realtor can take a lot of the stress off the Buyer and make the entire process much easier for them.

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